Hilton Head Island, Bluffton & The Surrounding SC Lowcountry

About Us

From coastlines and marshes to woodlands and wildlife, the Hilton Head Island area is one of the most beautiful places on earth. But if you want to make a little piece of The Island your own, you need more than just a road map and a REALTOR. You need a partner who can make things happen, make a real difference and still make it all look easy. You need a partner like Hilton Head Island Real Estate Brokers.

Buying or selling, first home or last, we put you in a perfect place. But don’t take our word for it. Talk to some of our clients. Ask them what it’s like working with us and you’re likely to hear terms like insightful, innovative, collaborative and committed.

What does that mean to you? For one thing, it means honest council and objective strategy based on decades of successful experience, a wealth of professional knowledge and a position of leadership in the community.

It means a progressive attitude and unique aptitude for anticipating possibilities, assessing opportunities and delivering results. Most importantly, it means an attention to detail and commitment to our clients that keeps you engaged, provides a competitive advantage and allows you to move forward with complete confidence.

So, if you’re looking for the very best in Hilton Head Island, Bluffton and Sun City Real Estate, you’ve found it.

Let’s talk. You first.

Meet the Team

  • Julie Toon Timms

    Owner / Broker-in-Charge

    The high degree of success we've achieved is a direct result of our dedication and commitment to our customers and clients. Throughout three decades of experience, I've identified and implemented dozens of innovative concepts that directly benefit the individuals we serve....

    (843) 301-8006


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  • Bernie Timms


    Putting you in a perfect place is our number one priority. Whether you’re buying, selling or just in need of honest, professional real estate advice  - everyone at Hilton Head Island Real Estate Brokers is dedicated to your success....

    (843) 301-3103


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  • Patty Dooley Preisner


    Anyone can find a home on-line these days – but then what? I will help you gather information, set showing appointments and determine nearby price trends to determine if the property is a good value. I will also help you with inspections, find the best lenders and structure an effective offer that will protect your best interests. Buy with confidence! I will walk you through every step of the pu...

    (843) 290-9816


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  • Sherry Winter


    I strive to deliver my clients to their desired closings by empowering them with a wealth of valuable knowledge, insight on the market and its inventory, developed skills of negotiation and execution, and a vast and tested community of resources I have come to trust. My goal is to make home ownership, either as a buyer or a seller, the most pleasant experience possible!...

    (843) 304-2535


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  • Janine Yurkin

    Office Manager/Closing Coordinator

    Janine is dedicated to making sure that clients are treated to exceptional service with all aspects of the real estate closing and beyond....

    843-785-8006 Ext: 4

  • William Libertoff

    Listing Partner

    I have an extensive background in local Hilton Head area real estate spanning the last two decades. I look forward to assisting you with your next real estate transaction....

    (843) 715-5985

    REALTOR®, Listing Partner

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  • Diane Barber


    My love of real estate has become an over two-decade career, practicing with commitment and dedication. Working hard for my clients has been my joy, especially when everything comes together seamlessly. "Knowledge is power," they say, and over the years I have sought it out by obtaining many certifications over and above the average real estate licensee. And now I can share this knowledge with ...

    (201) 874-7644


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  • Liam Cronin


    The two plus decades of living in the Low Country is what fuels my passion. The area and its people are what makes this such a special place. Whether it is relocating people who already live here, or welcoming new residents from outside areas, it is my goal to make sure everyone feels like they are home....

    (800) 845-3520


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  • Michelle Casey


    Michelle is on a mission to continually improve herself to benefit others. As an accomplished hairstylist, author and speaker, she brings a unique approach and understanding to her real estate clients, with a deep focus on listening to understand their challenges and providing positive outcomes....

    (800) 845-3520


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Client Feedback

Words really can’t describe the perfect real estate experience – but the words of our clients come pretty close. I invite you to contact or visit us soon and discover the difference the right partner can make.

“Thank you so much for helping me find my home on Hilton Head Island! Julie were and are the best! A true professional – and your team is outstanding. I can’t thank you enough. All the best, Dr. Nancy T. – Michigan”
- Dear Julie and Team!

“Julie is so knowledgeable about Hilton Head real estate and the market. Her strategies for pricing and marketing a home are second to none!”
- Donna & Jim Miller

“Julie and her company were great. She pulled no punches about what price my condo would bring on the market. She worked with me to price it to sell quick while still getting the most value. Julie was prompt in her responsiveness and if the need ever arises to buy another vacation property in Hilton Head I will immediately contact her first… I have worked with other REALTORS in the past and it could be weeks before you ever hear anything from them. Updates on the market and regular communication is critical in the real estate industry and Julie and her company have that down pat. about Hilton Head real estate and the market. Her strategies for pricing and marketing a home are second to none!”
- Neil Roberts

Real Estate Brokerage Relationships

Pursuant to South Carolina Real Estate License Law in S.C. Code of Laws Section 40-57-370, a real estate licensee is required to provide you a meaningful explanation of agency relationships offered by the licensee’s brokerage firm. This must be done at the first practical opportunity when you and the licensee have substantive contact.

You are a customer of the brokerage firm

South Carolina license law defines customers as buyers or sellers who choose NOT to establish an agency relationship. The law requires real estate licensees to perform the following basic duties when dealing with any real estate buyer or seller as customers: present all offers in a timely manner, account for money or other property received on your behalf, provide an explanation of the scope of services to be provided, be fair and honest and provide accurate information, provide limited confidentiality, and disclose “material adverse facts” about the property or the transaction which are within the licensee’s knowledge.

Unless or until you enter into a written agreement with the brokerage firm for agency representation, you are considered a “customer” of the brokerage firm, and the brokerage firm will not act as your agent. As a customer, you should not expect the brokerage firm or its licensees to promote your best interest.

Customer service does not require a written agreement; therefore, you are not committed to the brokerage firm in any way unless a transaction broker agreement or compensation agreement obligates you otherwise.

Transaction Brokerage

A real estate brokerage firm may offer transaction brokerage in accordance with S.C. Code of Laws Section 40-57-350. Transaction broker means a real estate brokerage firm that provides customer service to a buyer, a seller, or both in a real estate transaction. A transaction broker may be a single agent of a party in a transaction giving the other party customer service. A transaction broker also may facilitate a transaction without representing either party. The duties of a brokerage firm offering transaction brokerage relationship to a customer can be found in S.C. Code of Laws Section 40-57-350(L)(2).

You can become a client of the brokerage firm

Clients receive more services than customers. If client status is offered by the real estate brokerage firm, you can become a client by entering into a written agency agreement requiring the brokerage firm and its associated licensees to act as an agent on your behalf and promote your best interests. If you choose to become a client, you will be asked to confirm in your written representation agreement that you received this agency relationships disclosure document in a timely manner.

A seller becomes a client of a real estate brokerage firm by signing a formal listing agreement with the brokerage firm. For a seller to become a client, this agreement must be in writing and must clearly establish the terms of the agreement and the obligations of both the seller and the brokerage firm which becomes the agent for the seller.

A buyer becomes a client of a real estate brokerage firm by signing a formal buyer agency agreement with the brokerage firm. For a buyer to become a client, this agreement must be in writing and must clearly establish the terms of the agreement and the obligations of both the buyer and the brokerage firm which becomes the agent for the buyer.

If you enter into a written agency agreement, as a client, the real estate brokerage has the following client-level duties: obedience, loyalty, disclosure, confidentiality, accounting, and reasonable skill and care. Client-level services also include advice, counsel and assistance in negotiations.

Single Agency

When the brokerage firm represents only one client in the same transaction (the seller or the buyer), it is called single agency.

Dual Agency

Dual agency exists when the real estate brokerage firm has two clients in one transaction – a seller client and a buyer client. At the time you sign an agency agreement, you may be asked to acknowledge whether you would consider giving written consent allowing the brokerage firm to represent both you and the other client in a disclosed dual agency relationship.

Disclosed Dual Agency

In a disclosed dual agency, the brokerage firm’s representation duties are limited because the buyer and seller have recognized conflicts of interest. Both clients’ interests are represented by the brokerage firm. As a disclosed dual agent, the brokerage firm and its associated licensees cannot advocate on behalf of one client over the other, and cannot disclose confidential client information concerning the price negotiations, terms, or factors motivating the buyer/client to buy or the seller/client to sell. Each Dual Agency Agreement contains the names of both the seller client(s) and the buyer client(s) and identifies the property.

Designated Agency

In designated agency, a broker-in-charge may designate individual associated licensees to act solely on behalf of each client. Designated agents are not limited by the brokerage firm’s agency relationship with the other client, but instead have a duty to promote the best interest of their clients, including negotiating a price. The broker-in-charge remains a disclosed dual agent for both clients, and ensures the assigned agents fulfill their duties to their respective clients. At the time you sign an agency agreement, you may be asked to acknowledge whether you would consider giving written consent allowing the brokerage firm to designate a representative for you and one for the other client in a designated agency. Each Designated Agency Agreement contains the names of both the seller client(s) and the buyer client(s) and identifies the property.

It’s your choice

As a real estate consumer in South Carolina, it is your choice as to the type and nature of services you receive.

- You can choose to remain a customer and represent yourself, with or without a transaction broker agreement.
- You can choose to hire the brokerage firm for representation through a written agency agreement.
- If represented by the brokerage firm, you can decide whether to go forward under the shared services of dual agency or designated agency or to remain in single agency.

If you plan to become a client of a brokerage firm, the licensee will explain the agreement to you fully and answer questions you may have about the agreement. Remember, however that until you enter into a representation agreement with the brokerage firm, you are considered a customer and the brokerage firm cannot be your advocate, cannot advise you on price or terms, and only provides limited confidentiality unless a transaction broker agreement obligates the brokerage firm otherwise.

The choice of services belongs to you – the South Carolina real estate consumer.

REALTOR® Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice of the National Association of REALTORS® Effective January 1, 2016

Where the word REALTORS® is used in this Code and Preamble, it shall be deemed to include REALTOR-ASSOCIATE®s.

While the Code of Ethics establishes obligations that may be higher than those mandated by law, in any instance where the Code of Ethics and the law conflict, the obligations of the law must take precedence.


Under all is the land. Upon its wise utilization and widely allocated ownership depend the survival and growth of free institutions and of our civilization. REALTORS® should recognize that the interests of the nation and its citizens require the highest and best use of the land and the widest distribution of land ownership. They require the creation of adequate housing, the building of functioning cities, the development of productive industries and farms, and the preservation of a healthful environment.

Such interests impose obligations beyond those of ordinary commerce. They impose grave social responsibility and a patriotic duty to which REALTORS® should dedicate themselves, and for which they should be diligent in preparing themselves. REALTORS®, therefore, are zealous to maintain and improve the standards of their calling and share with their fellow REALTORS® a common responsibility for its integrity and honor.